A woman, Jill Schoelen, is wearing headphones.

Alright, all you drive-in diehards, pop open a cold one and scoot in a little closer, ’cause we’re about to dive into the wild world of B-movies with the one and only Jill Schoelen. Born in 1963 in Burbank, California, Jill hit the B-movie circuit with a bang, sporting those big ’80s hairdos and an even bigger talent for getting chased by every psycho, monster, and supernatural baddie in the book.

Most of you probably remember Jill from “The Stepfather,” where she played the suspicious stepdaughter to a deranged Terry O’Quinn. And let’s not forget “Popcorn,” where she’s stalked in a movie theater. I mean, come on, can’t a gal just enjoy a flick without some maniac breathing down her neck?

But here’s the thing about Jill: she’s got this uncanny ability to play the final girl who’s both terrified and kinda pissed off. Like, “Yeah, I’m scared, but if you mess up my hair, I’ll end you.” It’s that spunky attitude that’s made her a B-movie legend.

So, the next time you’re up at the witching hour, watching some skin-a-max style horror flick where the phone lines are conveniently cut and the car won’t start, and you see that hauntingly beautiful face dodging the killer, give a nod to Jill Schoelen – the B-movie darling who’s been dodging death for decades.

Drive-In Totals: 30+ films, countless close calls, and a scream queen who’s still got it.


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