Yuki Nakamura

Yuki Nakamura is cooking in front of a group of people.

Meet the REAL Tokyo Cowboy

Alright, all you drive-in diehards and horror hounds, gather ’round the ol’ projector, ’cause we’re about to shine a light on a behind-the-scenes maestro who’s been making “The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs” look good: Yuki Nakamura. Born… well, I ain’t got the exact coordinates, but I’m pretty sure it was somewhere between a vintage prop shop and the coolest horror set you’ve ever seen.

Now, for those of you who’ve been too engrossed in the onscreen shenanigans to notice, Yuki’s the genius who’s been decking out our drive-in digs. From the neon lights to the quirky props that make you go, “What the heck is that and where do I get one?”, Yuki’s DNA is gold durn everywhere. And let me tell ya, it ain’t easy making a set look this good when you’ve got blood splatters, monster guts and mountains of lizard poop to compete with.

But here’s the pant kicker: Yuki ain’t just our behind-the-scenes wizard. Quite often, this set decorator extraordinaire pops up onscreen, proving that his talent isn’t just about making things look uber cool; it’s also about charmingly stealing the spotlight from a certain verbose horror host.

Now, hold onto your cowboy hats and beer koozies, ’cause I’ve got some news that’s gonna knock your socks into next week: Yuki Nakamura is making a grand appearance at “Joe Bob’s Jamboree” in the neon-lit wonderland of Las Vegas. That’s right, folks, the set decorating sensation who’s been jazzing up our drive-in is coming to our horror hullabaloo. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get some horror decor tips (or maybe just snap a selfie with a legend), you better be there.

So, as you’re wandering the Vegas strip, dodging bandit slot machines and those lusty (and quite often very husky) Lady Gaga impersonators, make a pit stop at “Joe Bob’s Jamboree” and meet Yuki Nakamura – the unsung hero of the drive-in who’s been setting the stage for our happy horror hijinks since the very beginning.

Drive-In Totals: Countless sets decorated, lots of onscreen cameos, a truckload of props, and one guest appearance that’s gonna set Vegas ablaze.


Say Cheese

Photo opportunities are now available. Get ’em printed at the jamboree and signed.


Welcome Campers

Joe Bob and Co. want to give you a warm welcome and a standing invitation to boogie until we PUKE!


Now hear this!

If you are camping or want to watch the flicks at the Jamboree from outside your car from a lawn chair at the West Wind