Felissa Rose

Felissa Rose is screaming in a library.

Most of you probably remember Felissa from “Sleepaway Camp,” where she played the shy and slightly off-kilter Angela. And by “slightly off-kilter,” I mean she had a penchant for turning summer camp into a bloodbath. But hey, we’ve all had our awkward phases, right?

Yuki Nakamura

Yuki Nakamura is cooking in front of a group of people.

Alright, all you drive-in diehards and horror hounds, gather ’round the ol’ projector, ’cause we’re about to shine a light on a behind-the-scenes maestro who’s been making “The Last Drive-in with Joe Bob Briggs” look good: Yuki Nakamura.

Jill Schoelen

A woman, Jill Schoelen, is wearing headphones.

Jill hit the B-movie circuit with a bang, sporting those big ’80s hairdos and an even bigger talent for getting chased by every psycho, monster, and supernatural baddie in the book.

Dave Sheridan

Dave Sheridan in a police uniform holding up a cell phone.

Dave Sheridan is gonna be gracing us with his presence at the jamboree. That’s right, folks, the man, the myth, the guy who probably still has that vacuum cleaner is coming to our horror shindig.

Ian Mcculloch

A man and a woman in a boat talking to each other while listening to Ian Mcculloch's music.


Ginger Lynn

Ginger Lynn and another woman standing next to each other in a kitchen.

From battling zombies to facing off against intergalactic threats, Ginger proved she was more than just a pretty face

Chad Lindberg

A man is staring out of a window.

The man who might’ve once raced Dom Toretto is coming to our little horror hoedown. So, if you’ve ever wanted to challenge him to a drag race (or maybe just a game of poker), now’s your shot.

The Deadmeat Podcast

A man and woman in a red dress standing next to each other on The Deadmeat Podcast.

Now, for those of you who’ve been too busy rewinding your VHS tapes or arguing about the best “Friday the 13th” sequel, The Deadmeat Podcast is where horror movies go to get dissected, discussed, and occasionally dissed. It’s like if Dr. Frankenstein and Siskel & Ebert had a love child, and that child had a microphone.

Braxton Sutter “The Blade”

Braxton Sutter, "The Blade," in a wrestling ring.

Now, for those of you living under a rock or maybe just too busy watching bad ’80s horror, The Blade is a wrestling force of nature. With a name like that, you’d expect him to be slicing and dicing his opponents, and let me tell ya, he doesn’t disappoint. It’s like if Jason Voorhees traded in his machete for a pair of wrestling boots.

Allie the Bunny

Allie the Bunny standing next to two wrestlers.

Alright, all you spandex-loving, body-slamming aficionados, pull up a steel chair and listen close, ’cause we’re about to talk about a gal who’s been hopping around the squared circle and drop-kicking folks left and right: The Bunny. Now, I don’t know where she was born, but I’m pretty sure it was somewhere between the Playboy Mansion and Parts Unknown.