Updated: April 11th, 2024 - The 2024 jamboree is a go! Details to follow soon!!

Joe Bob and Co. want to give you a warm welcome and a standing invitation to boogie until we PUKE!

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Say Cheese

Photo opportunities are now available. Get ’em printed at the jamboree and signed.

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Now hear this!

If you are camping or want to watch the flicks at the Jamboree from outside your car from a lawn chair at the West Wind

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Felissa Rose is screaming in a library.

Felissa Rose

Most of you probably remember Felissa from “Sleepaway Camp,” where she played the shy and slightly off-kilter Angela. And by “slightly off-kilter,” I mean she had a penchant for turning summer camp into a bloodbath. But hey, we’ve all had our awkward phases, right?

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