Dave Sheridan in a police uniform holding up a cell phone.

The Man Who Made Ghostface Trip Over His Own Robe

Alright, all you horror hounds and drive-in deviants, gather ’round the campfire and hold onto your machetes, ’cause we’re about to talk about a legend in the world of B-movies and beyond: Dave Sheridan. Born in the wild year of 1969, Dave’s the kind of guy who can make you laugh so hard you’ll spit out your beer, and then probably ask you for a sip.

Now, most of you probably remember Dave from “Scream” as the bumbling Deputy Dewey’s even more bumbling counterpart, Officer Doofy. I mean, who could forget that vacuum cleaner scene? It’s the kind of cinematic gold that makes you think about some of your own more dubious life choices and then immediately hit the rewind button.

But here’s the kicker: Dave ain’t just a one-trick pony. From “Scary Movie” to “The Devil’s Rejects,” this guy’s been popping up all over the place, making us laugh, cringe, and occasionally question our sanity. And let’s be real, in the world of horror, that’s the gold durn standard of raw talent.

Now, I’ve got some breaking news for y’all: Dave Sheridan is gonna be gracing us with his presence at the jamboree. That’s right, folks, the man, the myth, the guy who probably still has THAT vacuum cleaner is coming to our horror shindig. So, if you’ve ever wanted to ask him about his method acting for that scene (or maybe just challenge him to a beer chugging contest), now’s your chance.

So, as you’re rolling the dice and trying your luck in Vegas, take a break from the slots and come on down to “Joe Bob’s Jamboree” to meet Dave Sheridan – the B-movie kingpin who’s been making us laugh, scream, and occasionally go “What the heck did I just watch?”.

Drive-In Totals: 20+ films, a gazillion laughs, one slightly violated vacuum cleaner, and a guest appearance that’s gonna blow the roof off Vegas.


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