Allie the Bunny standing next to two wrestlers.

Alright, all you spandex-loving, body-slamming aficionados, pull up a steel chair and listen close, ’cause we’re about to talk about a gal who’s been hopping around the squared circle and drop-kicking folks left and right: The Bunny. Now, I don’t know where she was born, but I’m pretty sure it was somewhere between the Playboy Mansion and Parts Unknown.

Now, most of you might know The Bunny from her time in the wrestling ring, where she’s been known to mix it up with a blend of high-flying moves and a certain… let’s call it “bouncy” charisma. But this ain’t just any bunny; this is a bunny with attitude, flair, and a mean right hook.

But here’s the twist: The Bunny ain’t just about the wrestling. She’s got this whole mysterious, horror vibe going on. I mean, one minute she’s prancing around with fluffy ears, and the next she’s looking like she might be the star of the next big slasher flick. It’s like if Elvira and Ric Flair had a love child.

Now, brace yourselves, ’cause I’ve got some news that’s hotter than a Texas BBQ in July: The Bunny is hopping her way to “Joe Bob’s Jamboree” in the glitzy, glam world of Las Vegas. That’s right, folks, the wrestling diva who might just put you in a sleeper hold is coming to our horror-filled fiesta. So, if you’ve ever wanted to get an autograph (or maybe just avoid getting body-slammed), you better be there.

So, as you’re wandering the Vegas strip, dodging aggressive panhandling show girls and those guys flipping cards, make a pit stop at “Joe Bob’s Jamboree” and meet The Bunny – the wrestling sensation who’s been turning heads, breaking hearts, and probably snapping a few spines along the way.

Drive-In Totals: Countless matches, a ton of hops, a dash of horror, and one guest appearance that’s gonna have Vegas shaking in its boots.


Say Cheese

Photo opportunities are now available. Get ’em printed at the jamboree and signed.


Welcome Campers

Joe Bob and Co. want to give you a warm welcome and a standing invitation to boogie until we PUKE!


Now hear this!

If you are camping or want to watch the flicks at the Jamboree from outside your car from a lawn chair at the West Wind