A man and woman in a red dress standing next to each other on The Deadmeat Podcast.

Where Horror Gets Carved Up and Served on a Silver Platter

Alright, all you gore-gobbling, scream-savoring fiends, lean in close ’cause we’re about to talk about a podcast that’s bloodier than a butcher’s apron and twice as entertaining: The Deadmeat Podcast. Hosted by… well, some folks who clearly have too much time on their hands and a possibly unhealthy obsession with all things horror.

Now, for those of you who’ve been too busy rewinding your VHS tapes or arguing about the best “Friday the 13th” sequel, The Deadmeat Podcast is where horror movies go to get dissected, discussed, and occasionally dissed. It’s like if Dr. Frankenstein and Siskel & Ebert had a love child, and that damn thing went wild.

But here’s the real meat of the matter: these podcasters don’t just talk the talk. They dive deep into the guts of horror, pulling out all the juicy tidbits and serving them up with a side of snark. From body counts to behind-the-scenes trivia, nothing’s off the table. And let me tell ya, it’s a feast for the ears.

Now, brace yourselves, ’cause I’ve got some news that’s hotter than a jalapeño dipped in ghost pepper sauce: The mad scientists behind The Deadmeat Podcast are making their way to “Joe Bob’s Jamboree” in the city of sin, Las Vegas. That’s right, folks, the voices that have been haunting your earbuds are coming to our horror shindig. So, if you’ve ever wanted to pick their brains, now’s your chance.

So, as you’re cruising the Vegas strip, looking for a good scare or maybe just a stiff drink, swing by “Joe Bob’s Jamboree” and meet the crew from The Deadmeat Podcast – the folks who’ve turned horror into an art form, one podcast episode at a time.

Drive-In Totals: Countless movies dissected, a metric ton of snark, endless jump scares, and a podcast appearance that’s gonna have Vegas screaming for more.


Say Cheese

Photo opportunities are now available. Get ’em printed at the jamboree and signed.


Welcome Campers

Joe Bob and Co. want to give you a warm welcome and a standing invitation to boogie until we PUKE!


Now hear this!

If you are camping or want to watch the flicks at the Jamboree from outside your car from a lawn chair at the West Wind