Do you want to show old Joe Bob some support and get to rub elbows with horror and pop culture royalty at the same time? Well OK then, let’s get you signed up to volunteer at Joe Bob’s Jamboree!

As a volunteer, you’ll play a crucial role in creating an incredible experience for both artists and attendees. From assisting with stage setup and logistics to managing guest services and providing a friendly atmosphere, your contributions will be instrumental in ensuring a seamless and enjoyable event.

NOTE: Volunteers will need to purchase admission tickets and we encourage folks interested in helping out to take advantage of the Early Bird deal before prices go up!

Please complete the form below, sharing your skills, availability, and why you’re passionate about being part of Joe Bob’s Jamboree. We can’t wait to have you on board as we come together to create unforgettable memories and prove for once and all, THE DRIVE-IN WILL NEVER DIE!

Joe Bob preciates your support!

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